Whiten Safely: Whiten in the Office

Having a stunning white smile is at the top of most of our wishlists. Patients will tell us that they don’t mind what shape their smile is in as long as it’s white! This is a common thinking, which is why we have patients asking us every day if it is safe to whiten with the kits from the drugstore. We’ll give you more information as we go on, but the short answer is that no, it’s not really safe to use those kits.

Whitening kits that you can buy at the store have a few problems. First, the trays that you use in those kits aren’t made to fit your teeth, which means you could be exposing your gums to harmful chemicals. Second, the whitening kits aren’t very effective, which means you have to use them a lot longer and a lot more often before you get results. This can cause some users to overuse the whitening, causing sensitivity issues.

The Safest Whitening is In Office

To really whiten safely, it’s best that you whiten under a dentist’s supervision. We offer two types of whitening here at Precise Dental. We offer KöR whitening and Zoom! whitening. KöR is for deeply stained teeth, while Zoom! is for teeth that just need to be boosted a few shades in a short amount of time. Both are highly effective and completely safe, when used correctly.

If you’d love to boost the color of your smile, it’s time to consider whitening in the dental office. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We’ll want to make sure your teeth are healthy before we start doing any sort of whitening. We can’t wait to see you soon!