When Your Dental Genes Let You Down, Get Dental Sealants

As scientists dig further and further into the human genome project, we are learning more and more about the DNA forces behind just about every aspect of our lives. Your genetic makeup determines a great deal about you, including your dental features. So what happens when your genetics let you down? What happens when your teeth aren’t strong enough to stay healthy through normal oral hygiene routines? That’s where we step in.

Scientists say that about 60% of your risk for decay comes from your genetic makeup. Some of this is how your teeth are shaped and the strength of your enamel, but genetics also determine things like what you like to eat. If you are genetically predisposed to have a sweet tooth, you had better believe that your teeth will be impacted. So what can be done?

The Solution to “Bad” Genetics

If you find yourself sitting in our chair more often than anyone else you know, then you’ll know it’s time to take next steps. For most of our patients suffering from serial cavities, we recommend dental sealants. This thin protective coating can be applied to the chewing surfaces of your teeth to protect you from decay-causing bacteria. The clear coating will last for a few years before it needs to be replaced, giving you lots of protection from future cavities.

Even if your dental genetics aren’t all that you wish they could be, there are solutions. Dental sealants allow you to protect yourself from decay without having to change the rest of your routine. Contact us today to learn more about sealants and how they work. We’d love to show you the results and see you benefit from this fantastic procedure!