When Gum Disease Goes Too Far

We speak with all of our patients about the serious nature of gum disease. What begins as an innocent infection can soon lead to the loss of your adult teeth. In fact, gum disease is the number one cause of lost adult teeth! Caring for your smile is an extremely important part of avoiding gum disease, but when circumstances cause you to drop the ball, gum disease will spread and cause serious damage very quickly.

When gum disease begins, you probably won’t notice it at all. The only way to know that it is there is to come in for a routine check up. We will find the infection, clear it, and send you on your way. However, if you don’t come in for those routine appointments, the infection will spread deep into your gums, causing pain, swelling, and pockets around the gumline. If left alone, your bone structure will be affected. It’s at this point that teeth fall out.

Treating Deep Disease

When we see patients with advanced gum disease, our first goal is to remove the infection. We do this through deep, extensive cleaning techniques. We might also recommend an antibiotic and special rinses for your mouth. Cleaning will take care of the infection, but sometimes gums will need a surgical repair, like gum pocket reduction surgery. Once the infection is cleared, we will need to keep a closer eye on your oral health to ensure that your infection doesn’t return.

Treating early stages of gum disease is easy, which makes your routine appointments all the more important! Contact us today to set up a cleaning and exam. We would love to make sure that your mouth is as healthy as it can be!