What’s Causing Bad Breath?

It’s a common complaint, and possibly one that you’ve dealt with too: bad breath and seemingly no way to resolve it! Our Houston dentist office has seen countless patients who ask us for tips on freshening their breath and we always tell them the same thing: there are a lot of things that can cause bad breath!

Many patients suffering from bad breath are simply dealing with excess plaque and simple hygiene habits can clear it up. For some patients who have persistent bad breath there are deeper underlying issues that have to be addressed, and that’s where our breath treatments come in!

Where Does Bad Breath Come From?

There are various causes for bad breath. Depending on what’s causing your persistent bad breath we may be able to treat it or it might require a visit to your primary care physician. That’s why we’ll thoroughly review any possible causes!

Lifestyle and Diet

There are a lot of foods and habits that can cause bad breath. Smoking or any other kind of oral tobacco use can cause persistent bad breath along with irritating gums and discoloring teeth. Where tobacco is concerned we’re firmly on the side of eliminating all use!

Some foods you eat can cause bad breath, especially strong smelling things like garlic, onions, and foods that get stuck in your mouth. When the food you eat starts to break down it starts to smell, and if left in your mouth it can really cause your breath to get bad!

Bad Oral Hygiene Habits

If you aren’t brushing or flossing as often or as well as you should be then bad breath is a definite possibility! Food particles that get trapped between your teeth can sometimes be hard to remove by simply brushing, and as they break down they start to really smell.

Flossing is important and should be done at the end of each day before bed. Because your toothbrush can’t get into the tight spaces where food gets trapped you need floss to do the job! Food left in your mouth can contribute to tooth decay and gum disease as it is broken down by bacteria.

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

Breath that is persistently bad, or that comes with a constant bad taste in the mouth, is often an indicator of gum disease or tooth decay. Both conditions can cause bad breath that persists despite brushing and flossing but don’t forget – both are often a result of bad oral hygiene habits!

Thankfully both conditions can be treated right here at Precise Dental of Houston! After performing a thorough exam of your mouth we can determine the perfect treatment for tooth decay or gum disease!

Dry Mouth

Whether you’re not staying hydrated or if it’s due to medicine you’re taking a dry mouth can cause some seriously bad breath! Saliva is an important part of a clean mouth, as it helps remove food particles and control plaque growth. When saliva isn’t present food gets trapped, plaque grows, and bacteria is able to really kick into high gear and produce some bad smells and tastes.

You can control a dry mouth by monitoring your medications and adjusting your water intake as well as breathing through your nose and not your mouth. There are other medical conditions that can cause a dry mouth too, so it’s important to get a comprehensive exam to eliminate possible problems!

Other Medical Causes

Sinus infections, postnasal drip, diabetes, and other medical issues can also cause bad breath. Because of the amount of possibilities it’s important that we see you in our Houston dentist office to diagnose and determine treatment for your bad breath – it could have a serious cause that you don’t know about!

Tune In Next Week!

In our next blog entry we’re going to discuss our breath treatment procedure and how we can treat some of the various problems we talked about here. If you’re suffering from bad breath don’t miss this next blog – you might find some valuable information!

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