What Does A Great, Straight Smile Mean To You?

A straight smile is something we all want to have – it’s a major part of your first impression and can really affect what people think about you! If you’ve considered orthodontic care you’ve probably asked yourself what it was really worth: who wants to wear braces for years as an adult? So is a straight smile really worth it?

Not only do metal braces look unsightly, but what about the irritation to the inside of your mouth? Maybe you’re worried about the stigma of being an adult with braces, or simply don’t want to go through the experience of all that metal in your mouth!

You don’t need to have those concerns when you have Invisalign! Our Houston dentist office can create you a beautiful straight smile, and all without the wires and brackets of traditional braces – no one will even know you’re wearing them!

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a unique, clear alternative to traditional braces that still promises fantastic results! You might think that heavy, strong wires are necessary to move your teeth, but it’s untrue: these clear plastic aligners are just as effective!

Imagine being able to get straight teeth without anyone ever knowing – that’s the magic of Invisalign! You wear your aligners pretty much all day, aside from when you eat and brush your teeth, and before you know it your teeth will be exactly where you want them!

You’ll switch to a new aligner every two weeks that will move your teeth just a bit further, and in as little as a year you could have the smile you want! Thata’s right – Invisalign treatment is often shorter than traditional braces too!

The Treatment Process

An Invisalign cycle starts with a full comprehensive dental exam. We’ll take X-rays and check your oral health to determine if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. For some patients there are health considerations that need to be taken care of before treatment can begin. Tooth decay, gum disease, and other health issues should always be solved first!

Once we know you’re a good candidate for Invisalign we’ll take impressions of your mouth that are used to plan your treatment and build your aligner series. It will take a few weeks for us to get them from the Invisalign lab, but once we do you’ll come back for a follow-up appointment. We’ll test our your first aligner to make sure it’s comfortable and treatment will begin!

Throughout the length of your Invisalign series we’ll have regular appointments to check up, usually about once a month. One thing’s for sure, though: every month you’ll be one step closer to the perfect set of teeth!

That Simply Sounds Too Good To Be True!

It might sound crazy, but Invisalign is a tried-and-true solution that has provided countless patients at Precise Dental of Houston to finally get a smile they love! By following all your instructions, keeping your regular appointments, and always swapping your trays on time you can get the results you thought were unreachable!

Keep in mind that Invisalign isn’t always the best option for each patient – we base our dental care recommendations off of what you need, though we will never force you into a treatment you don’t want! If you have severe occlusion issues, jaw problems, or other orthodontic needs, it may be best for you to wear braces! For most patients seeking cosmetic orthodontic care Invisalign is a great choice, so don’t be too concerned.

Invisalign is considered a minor tooth movement system, or MTM, which works best for patients with slight issues like gaps, crowded, and crooked teeth. If you just want a straight smile it’s the perfect solution!

Imagine A Beautiful New Smile

At our Houston office, you’ll be getting premium Invisalign care from Dr. Crouse, who is an Invisalign Certified Provider, will work with you to perfect your smile and give you the look of your dreams. All of us are able to help make your experience great and your smile even better, so never hesitate to ask for answers to any questions you have about Invisalign!

There’s only one way you’re going to get that smile: by taking action today and starting your journey down the Invisalign path! Don’t wait one more day wishing you had taken care of your dental wishes – call our Houston office now at 713-812-1712 or schedule an appointment using our online request form. We look forward to working with you soon!