Veneers Or Bonding: What’s Right For You?

If you’ve ever dreamed of the perfect smile – and who hasn’t – you’ve probably stopped short of picking up the phone and calling the dentist. You don’t want to spend years and countless dollars going through a cosmetic procedure. After all, you have a life and you can’t put it on hold for ugly braces or some similar treatment!

At Precise Dental Of Houston we don’t think you should be required to undergo years of treatment just to correct basic cosmetic flaws. That’s why we offer both cosmetic bonding and veneers – two quick cosmetic solutions that can resolve your worries in just a visit or two!

Who Can Benefit From Veneers And Cosmetic Bonding?

Both of these cosmetic dental solutions are best for patients with minor problems. If you have gapped teeth, deep discoloration or stains, chipped or cracked teeth, worn teeth, uneven enamel, or minor alignment issues then both solutions could benefit you!

Cosmetic Bonding: Great Value And Results!

Of the two options cosmetic bonding is far more affordable. They’re also faster to apply, taking just a single visit from start to finish! If you need to repair a cosmetic flaw NOW then bonding is a great solution for you!

Cosmetic bonds are made from the same material we use for our tooth colored fillings: dental composite resin. Resin is made from a mix of plastic and glass that perfectly mimics the look of natural teeth! We can even blend it to perfectly match your smile – no one will notice anything but your great new look!

Bonding is done by applying resin to your teeth while it’s still soft. We then shape it to match your exact specifications and desires before hardening it into place with a special light. This light works almost instantly, so you’ll be leaving in just a few hours with a great new smile!

Cosmetic bonding lasts anywhere from three years to about a decade. If damaged (which is rare) a bond can be repaired using more resin, making them an affordable way to keep a great look! After about ten years cosmetic bonds will need to be replaced. They tend to discolor and wear down over time but we can simply place fresh ones to redo your look!

Cosmetic bonding is affordable, fast, lifelike, and durable. You’ll love the results we can produce in just one short visit!

Veneers: The Premium Cosmetic Option

For a new smile that really stands out veneers are your best bet! Made of wafer thin porcelain shells that cover your teeth our cosmetic veneers will amaze you at how great they look! They are created in a dental lab and attached to your teeth at a second appointment. You’ll have to wait a week or two for them to return but trust us – it’ll be worth it!

Veneers can take care of the same kinds of flaws that cosmetic bonding can but the differences lie in quality, durability, and strength. Cared for properly veneers can last for twenty or more years, making them doubly as long lasting as bonding.

Veneers are also a lot better at resisting stains and maintaining their great look. It can take years and years for veneers to show signs of wear! Porcelain veneers can chip, however, and when that happens you will need to have your veneer fully replaced. This is a very rare occurrence – just about as common as chipping a tooth!

The Bottom Line

If you want a solution that will be ready in just one visit you should choose cosmetic bonding! Bonds are also more affordable but they don’t last as long. Veneers are more costly but provide a better look, more durability, and honestly more return on your smile investment!

Whether you’re sure or not Precise Dental Of Houston is ready to help you make the choice for a great new smile! If you’re ready to get the look you’ve dreamed of in no time at all call us today!

You can reach our Houston dentist office by calling 713-812-1712 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!