Taking a Look at the Candy in Your Bowl

Halloween night is just a few days away. Whether you are prepared or not, you had better believe that the kids in your neighborhood are itching to race down the sidewalks toward your house! We want Halloween to be fun for everyone, but as you know, candy isn’t good for little teeth! However, for one night, we believe that kids can have fun with candy, as long as you can avoid putting the following in their little pumpkin buckets!

Caramel – Caramel is a healthy tooth’s worst nightmare! This brown goo gets stuck on every tooth surface causing worlds of damage. Avoid this one!

Gum – Kids love their bubble gum a little too much. They will chew it for hours or days on end, giving their teeth a sugar exposure like nothing else!

Fruit Chews – Just because they are fruit flavors doesn’t mean they are healthy! Just like caramel, this stuff will get stuck in every crevice of every tooth giving bacteria a chance to feast!

Filled Suckers – Suckers are bad enough on their own, but fill it with gum, chewy chocolate, or caramel and you’ve got yourself a very detrimental candy for little smiles.

We aren’t saying you need to pass out toothbrushes at your door, but we are saying that you can choose candy that is easily scrubbed off at the end of the night! Contact us for more ideas about how to make Halloween safe. We’d love to hear from you soon!