Summer Sports Season Is Almost Here: Are Your Kids Ready?


It’s hard to believe it, but we’re already halfway through May! That means the summer sports season is going to be upon all of Houston before you know it. If you’re the parent of a young athlete you know what’s next: time to buy new gear.

There’s so much to do for a growing player that needs a whole new set of pads, uniforms, shoes … the list just goes on and on! One of the last things most people think about is a mouthguard, so that gets tossed on the heap of new stuff without a second thought. But is that mouthguard actually going to do any good?

The Problems Of Subpar Mouthguards

Most mouthguards you buy at the sporting goods store are of a few varieties: there’s the super cheap ones that you just cram in your mouth, or there’s the boil-and-bite. Both are designed to fit anyone who wears them, and neither are comfortable (just ask your child!).

These over-the-counter mouthguards make it harder to breath, harder to communicate on the field, and harder to get a burst of energy when you need it most. Even worse, they tend to fall or slip out of place when playing hard, which ends up causing just as many accidents as not wearing one at all.

Sending your child onto the field with a cheap mouthguard is a recipe for disaster. Every year over 600,000 people go to the emergency room because of a sports-related dental injury. That’s a lot of people, and many of them may have even been wearing mouthguards – just not good ones.

Why Good Mouth Protection Is Essential

If that 600,000 number wasn’t enough to scare you then there’s always the extent of injuries to discuss. There are some serious things that can happen to young athletes without proper mouth protection, and it’s not just an oral health problem either.

  • Tooth fractures can happen with surprisingly minimal force. All a tooth needs to chip or break is the right force at the wrong angle. Repairing fractured teeth isn’t always possible either. In those extreme cases they need to be completely extracted.
  • Knocking out a tooth is common as well. In many cases these can be replaced, though the process isn’t comfortable. Plenty of teeth that fall out can’t be replaced, either because they’re damaged outside the mouth or there’s bone trauma as well.
  • Jaw fractures, while not too common, can happen if the jaw isn’t stabilized properly during play. One bad tackle and you’ve got enough force to crack that jawbone. A good mouthguard will hold the jaw comfortably in place and absorb the forces that make such injuries possible.
  • One of the scariest prospects of a slam in the mouth is a concussion. The force of your jaw slamming into your skull can actually be enough to cause minor concussions, which isn’t something you want to have happen to your child!
  • Soft tissue damage is a common cause of sports injury. Teeth can cut cheeks, or even poke right through if you take a bad hit. A good mouthguard isn’t just protecting the teeth – it’s protecting the lips and cheeks as well.

Getting The Right Mouthguard For Your Young Athlete

There’s no two ways about it: real protection means getting a custom mouthguard like the kind offered at our Houston office. We make custom mouthguards from impressions of your children’s teeth that will fit well, hold snugly, and give your child the protection they really need to excel at the game.

We use the same kinds of mouthguards that are at use in the professional sports world. Your child will be able to fully customize the look of their mouthguard so that it’s uniquely theirs – a quality that can increase their likelihood of wearing it.

With this last crucial piece of equipment your child will be ready to take to the field like never before. They’ll be more comfortable, be breathing easier, be safer, and be able to enjoy the game. A custom mouthguard may be what separates them from 600,000 other people – and that’s a good thing.

Don’t Wait For The Game To Begin

If you want to be sure you get that custom mouthguard made before sports season begins then schedule an appointment at Precise Dental Of Houston today. You can reach us at 713-812-1712 or you can request an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you soon!