Stained, Cracked, and Fractured Teeth Begone!

It’s a fact of life that teeth get stained, suffer fractures, cracks, and other damage, or just get worn. That doesn’t mean you have to live with it! At Precision Dental of Houston, we specialize in enhancing the look of your smile. While it is true that your oral health is always our first priority, we believe that being confident in your appearance is a big part of your overall health. Take a look at some of the cosmetic improvements we can make to get your smile looking bright, white, and beautiful!

Are Your Teeth Discolored or Stained? 

Maybe you have a 5 cup-a-day coffee habit to get you through, or you take the time to relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea. Wine is more popular these days than ever: besides, who could resist the bold flavors of a nice, full-bodied red?

No matter how they got there, stained teeth are unattractive, and if you value your appearance, you should do something about it. Your dentist can get your teeth back to a dazzling white; a total transformation that far exceeds anything you can buy in a store online.

Teeth Whitening 

We offer two kinds of teeth whitening in our practice: Zoom Whitespeed Whitening and KöR Deep Bleaching. Both can whiten your teeth, but determining which one will work best for you has to do with your goals, what you’re willing to do to get your smile back, and your oral health.

All whiteners work in a similar way: stains are actually pigment molecules that have gotten stuck in the small, pore-like holes that dot the surface of your teeth. A whitening gel is applied, and it contains hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide goes deep into your teeth’s surface and destroys those pigment molecules.

Zoom Whitespeed Whitening

Zoom Whitespeed Whitening is so-called because it is fast. Your treatment will be broken up into three fifteen minute whitening sessions, for a total of 45 minutes (although your dentist might want to do a fourth just to get that extra gleam).

It works like this: your dentist will apply a whitening gel, and after protecting your eyes, a bright LED light is shone on your teeth. The light accelerates the chemical process that cleans the stains from your teeth.

Zoom Whitespeed takes place entirely in the office, and in the course of one appointment you will see dramatic results in the appearance and color of your teeth.

KöR Deep Bleaching

KöR Deep Bleaching is another approach to whitening that we offer. KöR Deep Bleaching is a take-home kit: you’ll receive a powerful whitening gel, and you’ll have  custom-for-you whitening trays. Unlike whitening trays that come with kits available in stores, custom whitening trays provide a better fit on your teeth. This ensures that the gel covers your teeth exactly how it is supposed to and protects you from accidental spillage (which can cause you discomfort, especially if you have sensitive teeth and/or gums).

Veneers and Bonding 

Teeth whitening is a great way to eliminate unsightly stains, but what if your problem goes beyond that? Are your teeth worn or damaged, with cracks and fractures, in addition to staining?

You should consider veneers or dental bonding!


Veneers work by covering up the damage your teeth have sustained over the years, either from neglect or injury. Veneers are thin and translucent. Many people rightly compare them to press-on fingernails, because they work in a similar way: the surface of your teeth is prepared, then an adhesive is applied, and finally the veneer is placed. The result is a brand new smile that is whiter and brighter than you’ve experienced in years! Veneers come in composite resin (a kind of plastic) and porcelain. Composite resin is the more cost effective option, but porcelain is much more durable, is stain resistant, and looks more like your natural teeth than any other material available.


Dental bonding is similar to veneers. The difference is that while veneers are placed on the teeth and held there by an adhesive (like a press-on nail), bonding works almost like nail polish: very strong, very durable nail polish for your teeth!

Bonding is more cost-effective than veneers, but the trade off is that bonding doesn’t last as long, nor is bonding available in porcelain. However, bonding doesn’t require that the surface of your natural teeth be altered in any way. The process is simple: a composite resin is applied directly to your teeth, covering up even the darkest stains and making cracks and fractures in your smile a thing of the past.

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