Save Your Tooth With a Sturdy Crown

Keeping your natural teeth healthy is of paramount importance. The longer we can keep those chompers in place, the healthier you will be! However, there are times when your natural tooth isn’t healthy. There are times when we have to take some pretty drastic measures to protect your tooth from harm. In those cases, we are very glad to have access to dental crowns.

The crown of your tooth is the part that sticks out from your gums and shows in your smile. Through different circumstances, that part of the tooth can become damaged. Large cavities or failed fillings, injury, damage from bruxism, etc can cause cracks or breaks in your tooth. The danger is that bacteria will then enter the tooth and cause an infection, possible causing the loss of your tooth. In order to protect your tooth, we have to seal it from bacteria.

A Crown Saves Teeth

When your tooth is so severely damaged, we need a way to seal it from further damage. We do this using a crown. A crown is a porcelain or ceramic cap that fits over your damaged tooth. It’s held in place with bonding material to keep it secure and sealed from bacteria. With the help of a crown, your natural tooth could stay in place indefinitely, keeping your mouth healthier and stronger!

Protecting your natural teeth is one of our top priorities. When we see damage or cracks, we rely on a crown to save your tooth. Contact us today to have your teeth checked. Old fillings need to be checked often to prevent infection. We can’t wait to see you and help you develop a stronger smile!