A Restored Smile For Thanksgiving [BLOG]

As we inch closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, you might be thinking about all the delicious food that will soon grace your dining room table. That’s why our team at Precise Dental of Houston is dedicating today’s blog to the value of a complete, well-functioning smile.

Dr. Crouse can help get your smile ready so you can fully enjoy all the things we look forward to most about this particular holiday season. It’s about feeling grateful for our blessings, which includes feeling good about yourself and your appearance.

It’s also about sharing time with family, friends, and the new people you might meet. Again, feeling good about how you look is a part of that experience.

With restorative dentistry at Precise Dental of Houston, you can have a smile that makes you happy, proud, and confident. Today, we’re talking about what sort of dental problems might stand in the way of those feelings, and how restorative dentistry can solve those problems!

Do Your Teeth Need Repair?

As time goes by, all the demands we put on our teeth can slowly damage them. Issues with our teeth can reveal themselves in a variety of ways, such as decay and cavities, chips, and cracks from injury, or just through normal wear and tear.

But our restorative dentistry options at Precise Dental of Houston can help turn those problems around. We offer treatments to repair your smile such as:

-Dental Fillings

-Dental Crowns & Bridges

-Root Canal Therapy

-Tooth Bonding

-Dental Implant Restoration

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you’ll want to make sure your teeth are up to the challenge! Get in touch with our Houston, TX dental office so we can make those repairs in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

The Value Of A Good Thanksgiving Smile

If you’re thinking to yourself that your dental problems can wait until after the holiday, think again! You won’t want to pass on the many benefits of taking care of your restorative dental needs before the festivities begin.

Here are just of few of them!

You can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without pain or worry.

Every family has their own unique traditions, but that doesn’t mean that holidays don’t come with some universal pleasures. If you looked at any Thanksgiving table across the country, you’d likely find some staples like mashed potatoes, dressing, cranberry sauce, and turkey.

Some of the foods on your buffet table are easy to eat whether your teeth are in good shape or not. But others require teeth that work well and are strong.

Traditional dentures, for example, can be a great tooth replacement option for many people. But that doesn’t mean they allow you to eat all the foods you love. Biting into a turkey leg takes strength, and removable dentures can make that difficult or impossible because they adhesive can’t give you optimum bite power like dental implants can

A decayed, damaged, or infected tooth can pose problems, too. If your teeth need repair, you might experience pain or discomfort while chewing, which is a huge roadblock for enjoying Thanksgiving dinner!

You can feel confident about your smile around other people.  

With all the social gatherings and travel opportunities of this particular season, you’ll likely find yourself surrounding by people, familiar and unfamiliar. That’s why it’s really important to have a smile you can feel proud of.

You can look great for all the holiday family photos!

Just like you need to feel confident about your smile in social settings, you also want to look great for all the family photos you’ll be taking this season.

Repairing damage like cracked or chipped teeth is an effective way to improve the appearance of your smile. When you look back on those pictures, you won’t have to feel embarrassed because you didn’t get the restorative dentistry you needed at the time.

Fix Your Smile In Time For Thanksgiving!

We’ve given you plenty of reasons to have a smile you can feel thankful for this Thanksgiving! Enjoy your holiday with teeth that look and feel great and function properly. Come to Precise Dental of Houston for a restored, beautiful smile!

Call our Houston, TX dental office today at 713-812-1712 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment!