Real Teeth Whitening Results That Last!

Have you tried whitening your teeth before? If so you’ve probably been less than thrilled with the results. Every tooth whitening system makes promises and reports innovation that will make it better than the rest but not all of those systems deliver on their promises. It’s true – not all teeth whitening systems are created equal!

At Precise Dental Of Houston we’re committed to delivering you great results that will really wow you, and that includes offering great teeth whitening as well! We’re thrilled to be able to offer you one of the premier teeth whitening systems available: KöR deep bleaching!

What Is KöR Deep Bleaching?

Your teeth need special care to make actual, visible whitening a reality. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of real, practical progress in teeth whitening technology – just gimmicks and marketing! KöR is one of the first teeth whitening systems to actually address the problems that other teeth whitening systems ran into with real, practical innovations!

Explaining what KöR is means explaining how it has improved on those classing teeth whitening problems!

Improved Whitening Gels

Whitening gels haven’t changed that much because, honestly, they don’t need to! Hydrogen peroxide is an amazingly effective tooth whitener when you’re able to get it at its actual strength. Unfortunately hydrogen peroxide is incredibly unstable. We want it to break down into oxygen and water in your mouth but not before it gets there!

Whitening gels lose strength over time and the reason was made clear by KöR’s research: temperature. From the moment that whitening gels leave the factory they start to break down and lose strength! So KöR did something innovative that changed the whitening game entirely: they refrigerate it from production to use!

By keeping KöR whitening gels cold they retain effectiveness that is unavailable in other systems! You’ll be getting maximum strength deep bleaching that really provides results!

Improved Whitening Trays

Another big problem with whitening gel stability is saliva. It actually weakens the gel before it gets a chance to take effect on your teeth! Not exactly a good thing when you’re trying to get effective whitening! KöR has found a solution for this problem: custom fit trays that seal out saliva!

When you get whitening at our Houston office with KöR deep bleaching we’ll take impressions of your teeth. Those impressions are used to build whitening trays custom fit to your unique smile. This allows us to give you a whitening experience that’s more even, more effective, and produces better results than almost anything available.

With KöR custom whitening trays you’re getting more effective whitening gels that are protected from environmental harm and harm in your mouth – all you get are superior results!

Combating Sensitivity

Lots of whitening products come with the same complaint: they cause sensitivity in teeth and gums! This is just another thing that KöR was created to address! By using a pre-treatment gel KöR counteracts sensitivity problems by hitting them where they start: your dental tubules.

Your teeth might look like they’re impenetrable but that isn’t the case. Your teeth are full of tubules that are responsible for the sensations you feel when you eat hot food, cold food, or feel other things on your teeth – and that includes whitening gel. The desensitizing gel temporarily plugs those tubules to prevent the peroxide solution from getting into your teeth and all without sacrificing effectiveness or results!

KöR: A Clear Choice!

KöR deep bleaching allows our Houston dental team to get results that are predictable, visible, and long-lasting. We’re thrilled to be able to offer your KöR deep bleaching and help restore your faith in teeth whitening!

Get on the way to a brighter smile by calling Precise Dental Of Houston today! You can reach us at 713-812-1712 and you can also request an appointment right here online! We look forward to getting you the smile of your dreams!