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What to expect on your new patient visit   

We are committed to providing you with an experience that far surpasses any other dental visit.  How do we do this?  We listen, we take our time and we work together as a team to help find a solution.  Your dental needs are vastly different from someone else and we know that.   We look at all areas of potential problems in your oral health and design a plan specific to you.


Appointment day  

Your first visit to our practice is all about getting to know you and your dental needs.  You can be at ease knowing that your every concern will be taken care of.  Our goal is to provide you with an experience that makes you feel like you’ve found your new dental home.  We believe in giving our patients all the information they need to be in control of their dental health.  


A few pointers regarding your first visit;

Your first appointment will take approximately 1.5 hours.  

Please feel free to ask any and all questions that may concern your dental needs. We want you to be an active participant in your oral health and to fully understand how to care for your smile.

We are a concierge dental office.  This means that once you become a patient, we will bend over backwards to insure that your every dental need is met.  This includes scheduling convenient appointments,  24 hr. access to our VIP text number, and the utmost consideration for your time and busy schedule.

 Our patients leave feeling confident that their smiles are in excellent hands! we are a few comments from our happy clients.

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