Custom Mouthguards

Mouthguards in Houston, TX

A mouthguard is a covering that slides over teeth to protect them from injury and from teeth grinding or bruxism.

Mouthguards can help protect the:

  • Teeth
  • Lips
  • Tongue
  • Soft tissues in the mouth

Custom-fitted mouth guards, unlike stock or boil and bite mouth protectors, offer the best protection and comfort. That’s because they are individually designed. An impression of your teeth is taken and then special material is molded over the model of your teeth. This helps create the shape that will give you the best protection while also allowing you to speak and breathe comfortably.

Mouthguards for the upper teeth are more common but your dentist can also design a mouth protector for the lower teeth.

Mouthguards for sports

A mouthguard is a must for anyone who participates in contact sports such as ice hockey, boxing and football. But even for non-contact sports (gymnastics), recreational activities (rollerblading, mountain biking) and any other activity that poses increased risk of facial and head injury, a mouthguard is recommended. That’s because accidents can happen during any physical activity and a mouth guard can protect your smile and help avoid costly dental procedures.

Without a mouth shield, you’re vulnerable to mouth-related injuries, including broken or chipped teeth, tooth nerve damage and tooth loss. A blow to the face can also tear tissues or move the jaw.

Dr. Crouse is a member of the Academy for Sports Dentistry, working with other professionals in the academy to keep abreast the newest technology and best practices to ensure safety and health of your mouth comes first.

We started doing this new procedure in our office, it’s not even really a procedure it’s really more of a way of making athletic mouthguards. And what we started doing is we started attending continuing education courses, we started learning that there are different types of mouthguards that are better suited for athletes, and we have quite a few athletes in our practice, we’ve got a lot of families with younger kids who are in sports.

Being in Texas, there’s a mandate that football players in high school and college have to wear mouthguards so there is definite need for custom fit sport guards. So we did some investigating and we wanted to offer our patients what top athletes, David Beckham, Lebron James are wearing out on the court. We purchased the system that actually makes these custom sport guards that are being worn by professional athletes. They’re called Technofit. And what is most exciting for us as an office is we get to customize them. We get to pick any color, or the patient gets to pick, however they want it, it can be all kinds of shapes, it can be all kinds of patterns, names, caricatures, cartoons, whatever it is, and it makes it really fun. So for our kids that are in sports, they can come in and say I want a transformers mouthguard, and we can do that.

It’s one of those new things that we’ve developed that we started using in our practice that is really actually not only fun but is really actually the best way for athletes to protect their mouth when they are engaged in contact sports.

Mouthguards for fixed bridges and teeth grinding

Custom mouthguards are also recommended for those who have a fixed bridge. Your dentist can give you a mouth piece that fits perfectly around your unique dental work.

If you suffer from teeth grinding or bruxism, a special mouthguard may be created to help prevent damage, headache and jaw pain. Schedule a consultation with your dentist to determine the cause and treatment for teeth grinding.

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