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Meet Dr. Lynette N. Crouse  

Houston's Top cosmetic & General dentist 

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After the first few  years of practicing dentistry in her own dental practice, Dr. Crouse realized that there was definitely something missing in the realm of dental care.  As she continued to grow her practice she continued to meet patients that unfortunately did not understand the basics of oral health.  These were smart people who had made an effort to go to see their other dentist regularly and still had no resolution for their problems.  They believed that tooth loss, pain and bleeding gums were inevitable.  Some patients wanted to improve their smile and had been told no, it wasn’t necessary.  Dr. Crouse realized that the issue was that  most dental care was not focused around the patient, it was focused around the dentist.  She decided to create a patient centric practice where each case was treated differently based on the needs of the patient.  The goal of her dental practice is to provide exceptional care with uncompromising quality and attention to detail.  Not everybody needs a full mouth reconstruction, some patients just want to be pain free.  Not everybody needs 10 veneers.  Some people need 12 and some people can get away with 6.  No cookie cutter treatment here! That’s what concierge dentistry is about!

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