Laser Whitening: Beauty With Speed & Accuracy

Like many of our patients, you’re probably a fairly busy person; between various social and professional obligations that you must fulfill to be the most successful person you can be, sometimes that means your oral health and overall appearance suffers because it simply stops being a high priority. It’s tough to find time to take care of yourself in a bustling city like Houston, TX!

Yes, you might dress well, stay physically fit, and you might even have a disciplined habit of keeping your teeth in good shape with the right amount of brushing, flossing, and rinsing (and seeing your dentist at least twice a year), but all of that just doesn’t add up to the value of having a bright, white smile.Your smile is how you communicate your intentions, your attitude, and your self-worth (which ultimately tells people how valuable you are) without any words at all. Even silently, your smile speaks volumes.

Universally, a smile that communicates your value and positivity is one that is healthy, natural-looking, and white. You probably are well aware of this fact, and you may have even asked us how we can brighten your smile! Unfortunately, you just don’t have time to manage whitening trays at home while you’re scrambling to get to bed to prepare for another busy morning!

That’s why Precise Dental of Houston (serving the entire Greater Houston area) is proud to now offer the fastest, easiest whitening solution that doesn’t compromise on effectiveness: laser whitening!

What Is Laser Whitening?

The majority of teeth whitening or bleaching products that are available depend on chemicals, specifically, hydrogen peroxide, to whiten teeth. Your teeth, while they may appear smooth and flat on the surface, are actually covered in microscopic pits, almost like perforations. Stains are molecules that get trapped in these perforations. The molecules come from certain foods and beverages, such as coffee, red wine, and blueberries, but also certain medications, and of course smoking.

The hydrogen peroxide:

  • Enters the perforations, and it destroys (or breaks up so that they essentially fall out) these molecules.
  • Helps your teeth absorb oxygen more efficiently, which helps to keep your teeth stain-free longer.

Instead of spending weeks with whitening trays at home (and if you’re a busy person, this can be a very difficult dance to coordinate. Do I keep working, or do I go home and whiten my teeth?).

Laser whitening is fast, getting you dramatic results in a single appointment, with no additional follow-up procedures or trays to manage at home. The use of the laser also ensures a better whitening result, in two key ways:

  • Lasers allow for a precision-based, spot-on approach to teeth whitening; your dentist will be able to reach places that other whitening systems can’t with a greater level of effectiveness.
  • If you are like many patients who may experience discomfort during whitening (usually due to sensitive gums), laser dentistry can give you the “total whitening experience” without the pain and discomfort you normally have to endure to enhance your smile.

Laser whitening treatments are often followed up by a fluoride treatment, which will provide your newly-whitened teeth with an additional layer of protection, add an additional shine to your smile, and strengthen your enamel by enhancing the mineralization process that allows it to provide continuous protection of your teeth.

How Long Does Laser Whitening Last?

Everyone’s teeth are different, and everyone ultimately has different lifestyles and priorities where their oral health is concerned. If you want to maximize the length of time your laser whitened smile will dazzle, you should avoid foods, beverages, and other things that are known staining agents. You won’t have to go without forever (usually about a week), but after your whitening session, you’ll need to turn down:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red Wine
  • Blueberries (and other brightly colored berries)
  • Highly Acidic Fruits (some fruits, while very good for you, have a lot of acid; these acids can promote tooth decay and staining)
  • Sports Drinks and Soft Drinks (the darker, or more vibrant the color, the more you should avoid them)
  • Cigarettes

Your dentist may also provide you with a kit for basic maintenance to extend the lifespan of your new, bright smile.

Laser Whitening is Only One of Our Whitening Options!

As we pointed out earlier, everyone’s teeth are different, which is why we now offer (including laser whitening) three unique, but all highly effective, whitening methods:

  • KöR Deep Bleaching
  • Zoom Whitespeed Whitening (by Philips)
  • Laser Whitening

We can also provide you with the kind of premium dental care experience that you deserve; we want your smile to look great and feel great, too!

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