Holiday Oral Health Tips: How To Protect Your Smile


December is here and with it comes the busiest month of the year. There are holidays to celebrate, family to visit, friends to see, gifts to buy … a lot to do in 31 days! The last thing you’re probably thinking about this time of year is your oral health but at Precise Dental Of Houston we don’t want you to forget about it.

We know how difficult it can be to keep up your oral health when travelling, being busy with parties, and having so much to do. That’s why we wanted to provide you with some tips for good holiday oral health. By following these simple steps you can be sure to avoid some of the most common problems we see in our Houston dental patients this time of year.

Watch Out For The Sweets

The holiday season isn’t exactly known for its healthy food. Between the huge feasts, the sugary desserts and snacks, and the rich cocoa and eggnog we all like to indulge in it’s a constant sugar bombardment around every turn!

Sugar is public enemy number one as far as your teeth are concerned. The bacteria that lives in your mouth metabolizes sugar into acid that eats away at your teeth’s enamel, causing the start of cavities. While they take a while to develop, a cavity can quickly be set off by a nice long sugar binge like you might have over the holidays.

Make sure you’re not just forgetting to brush your teeth over the holidays. You should always do it in the morning and evening, and make sure to floss in the evening as well. You can also help protect your teeth against sugar by drinking plenty of water during the holidays. Water acts like a natural mouthwash by rinsing away food particles, acid, and the bacteria that makes it. It also helps create saliva, which is very important for controlling plaque levels.

Don’t Stress Out Too Much

Are you the sort of person who gets excited at the first sound of jingle bells? For every one of you there’s a few who see the holiday season as a chance to stress out – badly! You might even be the sort of person who’s excited but still really stressed.

One of the most common places for people to carry stress, aside from their shoulders, is in their jaws. Grinding teeth and clenching jaw muscles are all too common for people we see at our Houston dentist office, and many suffer from serious pain! Grinding and clenching can lead to disorders of the jaw joint that can only be treated with the use of an oral appliance.

We can craft you a custom designed mouthguard that will cushion your teeth and prevent the muscle pain, joint pain, and trouble chewing that often comes with grinding your teeth. If you’re concerned that you might suffer from short episodes of clenching and grinding we can also give you some tips for managing stress during the holidays.

  • Who will you be spending time with? Designate a spouse, family member, or friend to be your “holiday stress buddy.” They’re in charge of telling you when to back away and take a break, even if you don’t want to! Having someone there who will know when you need to walk away for a bit is very valuable!
  • Don’t be afraid to take some “me time.” If you’re getting too stressed simply take a walk, sit down and unwind for a bit, or go to your room and close your eyes. A short break can often be enough to counteract serious stress.

Teeth: They Aren’t Tools

Do you tear packages, cut ribbon, and crack nuts with your teeth? Bad idea! This is the time of year when those kinds of oral injuries are common, leading to seriously painful holidays and ruined trips. Your teeth aren’t meant to handle the kind of stress that using them as tools puts them under, leading to chips, fractures, and cracks that can destroy your smile and leave you in serious pain.

Just make sure to keep the scissors nearby.

Proactive Care: See Us Now!

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