Help Your Toddler Establish a Dental Routine

Even the title seems optimistic, doesn’t it? If you have a toddler, you probably know what we mean! Setting a routine is difficult enough, let alone adding a toothbrush in the mix! Toddlers are fiercely independent creatures who are trying to do everything on their own. Brushing your teeth is something that takes quite a bit of precision. The two can’t possibly go together, can they? Maybe not perfectly, but we can help you get a good start!

1) Let Her Gather Your Materials
We have to be creative in how we play into the toddler mindset. She wants independence, but she still needs help. Find ways to give independence so she’s more willing to accept help later. Allow her the responsibility of selecting the correct toothbrush and paste at the store by offering age appropriate options and allowing her to choose.

2) Model and Ask
Your little one wants to be like you, but he wants to do it himself. Rather than doing the brushing for him, give him his brush, and model what it should look like with your own toothbrush in your own mouth. Open wide, show him how it’s done, and then let him try. Ask him if he would like help, and respect his wishes! Practice will make perfect!

3) Keep Us in Your Discussions
As you talk about good oral hygiene, discuss the dental office! Even if you haven’t made a first visit yet, encourage your child by telling her that she’ll get to see us soon. We’ll be so proud of the way she takes care of her teeth, and she should know that!

Getting a toddler to set up a dental routine is a long process. There will be ups and downs, but roll with it and let your little one know that this skill will serve him well for the rest of his life! Contact us to set up an appointment for your tot. Let us know if you’d like more tips for helping your child stay excited for dental care!