Get Rid of Bad Breath this Spring

It’s finally springtime here in Houston, TX. If you’re like most, you are making a list for spring cleaning and preparing to get your home back in order after the hustle and bustle of the winter season. Have you considered giving your bad breath a spring cleaning as well?

Your kids are weeks away from the end of the school year, and you have a lot on your plate between now and then. We hope that you are making a little bit of time to improve your smile along the way!

While you are planning the spring cleaning of your home, vehicles, and property, why not also plan a spring cleaning for your smile? It can help you feel better about yourself, but it can also give your breath a gigantic boost in the positive direction!

We want to spend some time today talking about how you can improve the smell of your breath. It is a common concern for many of our patients, and we know that it can be completely embarrassing and in some cases, life-altering! Let’s get started!

Breath Analysis

During a routine appointment, we will often do a breath analysis for patients who feel like there might be a problem. Sometimes patients don’t know or care about the scent of their breath, but most are concerned. After all, you don’t like it when someone with poor breath is speaking close to you face, and you definitely don’t want people to feel that way about you!

A breath analysis is nothing intrusive or uncomfortable. It is simply a discussion of your current activities, the foods you eat, the beverages you drink, and your dental habits. We’ll ask about your oral hygiene routine and what types of medications you take. We will pair this information with what we find during your physical dental exam.

At the end of the process, we will have a clear picture of what is going on in your mouth and some simple solutions to improve the smell of your breath! Often these solutions are things you can do at home beginning today, but they can also include some dental work to clear up other types of problems. Below we have listed some of the common reasons for bad breath and how you can improve things!

Routine Cleanings Improve Breath
In many, many cases, bad breath is a result of poor hygiene or a lack of routine cleanings. This could mean that you aren’t taking proper care of your teeth at home, or it could mean that you aren’t coming into the office for professional cleanings often enough.

The bottom line is that routine cleaning keeps your breath fresh. In fact, sometimes a good dental cleaning is all you need to boost your breath’s smell and move on with your life!

Your diet also plays a role in the way your breath smells. As you can imagine, a diet high in coffee, garlic, and fish will result in a different smell to your breath. However, the very act of dieting can also have an impact. Eating an unbalanced diet, drinking a lot of soda or alcohol, etc can all play a role in the way your breath smells.

The amount of water you drink will also impact your breath. The more water you drink, the better off your breath will be!

Those bottles in your medicine cabinet also play a role. Sometimes it is the medication itself that can impact your breath. In other cases, the medication might be causing dry mouth symptoms, which will lead to poor breath.

We can help you evaluate those medications so that you can counteract the negative effects through your oral hygiene routine.

Overall Oral Health
While all of the things above matter, the one area that will make or break your breath is your oral health. A mouth that is full of decay or infection is very likely to also have horrendous breath. It is because of the amount of harmful bacteria going to town.

If we can stop the spread of decay and clear any signs of infection, you will notice a remarkable difference in the way your breath smells! It will be much easier to maintain fresh breath as well!

Getting Your Confidence Back

Are you ready to get your confidence back? Don’t wait any longer to get fresher breath! We can help you by setting up your next dental appointment when you contact us today. You will walk into our office embarrassed by the state of your breath, but you’ll walk out feeling like a more confident you! We can’t wait to witness the transformation!