Fighting Cancer, One Step at a Time

When it comes to fighting cancer, our society has found an amazing variety of ways to do so. We raise money in all sorts of ways and take new and interesting steps to increase prevention and care. It’s truly inspiring to see. Here at Precise Dental, we work to create an environment that is conducive to fighting cancer every chance we get. We’ve put together a list of some things that go on that you might not be aware of!

Prevention: Digital X-rays
One way we work against cancer is by providing digital x-rays for our patients. Digital x-rays contain quite a bit less radiation than traditional x-rays, which makes them safer for routine use.

Screens: Oral Cancer Screening
Another way we fight cancer is by screening for oral cancer. Oral cancer affects about 30,000 people each year, and a routine dental appointment can be the key to defeating that cancer early. We perform an oral cancer check at every exam.

Care: Oral Treatment During Chemo
One thing patients don’t often think about is their oral health before and during chemotherapy. It’s important to keep your body safe from infection while you are undergoing treatment, and the chem itself can have detrimental effects on your mouth. We are here for our patients to provide care and support while they undergo this trying treatment.

Fighting cancer is one thing we should all be doing. No matter where in life you are or what your experiences are with cancer, we should all be pitching in together to defeat this horrible disease. Contact us today to set up your next appointment, and let us know how cancer has affected you.