Eating For Oral Health

After all the years of life behind you, you have probably learned a few things about how food impacts your body. You know that some foods pack on the pounds, while others are great for losing weight. You know which foods are good for your eyes and which are bad for your skin, but do you know much about how food affects your smile? Could you pick a menu for your family that would benefit their teeth? We have some pointers to help you!

Water: The Primary Beverage
Your family should be drinking water for most of the day, and milk is great for meals. Other beverages are loaded with sugar, even the ones that seem healthy (juices, sports drinks). Having a drink other than water is ok, but it shouldn’t be your primary beverage that you sip on throughout the day.

Crunchy Fruits and Veggies: The Scrubbers
When you’re looking for snack foods or sides to your meal, consider going with crunchy fruits or vegetables. Not only are these foods stocked with vitamins, but the crisp texture can actually scrub your teeth and remove plaque!

Lean Proteins and Cheese: Mineral Machines
Selecting lean proteins and cheeses are a great way to get minerals into your system. While you are chewing, your saliva will begin to break down the minerals in the food and apply it to your tooth enamel through a process called remineralization, which strengthens your enamel.

The foods you eat affect every part of your body, including your teeth. Remember your oral health when you are grocery shopping and planning meals. Your teeth will thank you by staying strong and healthy! Contact us today for more ways that your food impacts your teeth. We’d love to help you get a better understanding!