Don’t Step Onto the Field or Court Without a Mouthguard

With fall rapidly approaching, there are a ton of sports seasons beginning! Football, cross country, tennis, and basketball is right around the corner, just to name a few. Perhaps you have a child who participates in sports, or you yourself enjoy some competitive exercise. We are sure you consider safety measures before walking into the action. Helmets, pads, gloves, etc protect the various parts of your body, but what about your smile? Regardless of what type of activity you are participating in, you should be protecting your smile.

Now, we know not all sports are contact sports, but that doesn’t really matter when it comes to your smile. Take something like mountain biking, for example. You probably aren’t going to come in contact with other bikers, but one accident is enough to leave you with months of dental work ahead if you don’t take precautions. Think of a mouthguard as insurance against the unthinkable.

Can a Mouthguard be Comfortable?

Mouthguards come in all shapes and sizes and costs. The problem with the cheaper one size fits all or boil and bite options is that they, ironically, aren’t good for athletes. They are bulky and difficult to maneuver making breathing and speaking a real problem. A custom mouthguard, on the other hand, is made to fit your teeth perfectly. It is smaller and fits better, making it easy to wear and easy to use while competing.

Don’t step onto your court, field, or track without the proper protection for your smile. Contact us today to set up an appointment for a custom mouthguard. We’ll take some impressions and get to work to create the perfect protective piece for you! We can’t wait to see you soon!