Don’t Live With Unreliable Dentures!


Dentures: if there’s one thing that truly has a love/hate place in the dental world they’re it. They’re unreliable, the fall out, you can’t eat your favorite foods – they simply aren’t all they’re cracked up to be! If you’ve worn dentures for even a short time you know how real the frustration can be.

At Precise Dental Of Houston we don’t think you should have to live with the unhappiness dentures can create. There’s simply more hassle than reward when it comes to them, and you deserve a better option. We’re proud to be able to offer dental implants to support your dentures, giving you a way to get a stability out of them that you never dreamed was possible!

How Have Your Dentures Disappointed You?

There are a million ways your dentures can let you down. We hear a few pretty regularly – some of these embarrassing moments may have happened to you!

Suction That Simply Doesn’t Suck

Your dentures require suction to stay secured to your gums, both upper and lower. As you age along with your dentures you might notice that they don’t fit as well as they used to. This is a common problem for many patients, leading to them having to either cope with poorly fitting dentures or have them adjusted.

Tooth loss leads to bones in your jaw shrinking, which in turn leads to your dentures not fitting as well. Loose dentures won’t stay in place, leading to slipping, falling, and other embarrassing situations that you may know all too well. There’s nothing more humiliating than having your teeth fall out in public – you don’t deserve to deal with that kind of anxiety!

Can’t Eat The Best, Can’t Taste The Rest

You probably had no idea how important the roof of your mouth was when it came to taste, at least until you started wearing dentures. Many patients have complained that they can’t taste very much with dentures in, and that’s because the roof of your mouth has to be covered to keep them in place.

It’s bad enough that your favorite foods were taken off the table when you started wearing dentures – to have the rest of them be flavorless is just a punishment. It isn’t uncommon for dentures patients to suffer from nutrition problems, and the reasons why are obvious if you wear dentures: eating becomes a joyless chore!

Ever Feel Like Your Gums Just Lost A Fight?

Sore, sensitive, and irritated gums are a common side effect of wearing dentures. Not only do they carry tons of skin-irritating bacteria, your dentures also put all of the weight of chewing onto your gums too – they weren’t meant for that much force!

You don’t deserve to have to live with that kind of discomfort – it’s a perpetual worry to think about whether you’ll be able to wear your dentures all day or just be in pain. It’s reasons like this that our Houston office offers denture alternatives. Your teeth should be part of your life, not ruling it.

Implant Support: It’s Just What You Need

If you’re living in discomfort because of your dentures we can put an end to it. With just a few dental implants you could be snapping your dentures into place and leaving them there all day. Implant support generally requires four dentures which are topped with metal balls or a bar. Your dentures, in many cases we can modify your existing ones, are fit with sockets or clasps that attach to the implants, making your dentures secure, comfortable, and easy to live with.

Implant supported dentures will:

  • allow you to eat your favorite foods with ease
  • eliminate gum irritation from chewing
  • prevent accidental denture loss
  • keep them in place until you choose to take them out
  • allow you to taste again – implant support means the roof of your mouth can be open!

Most importantly, implant support means you won’t have to constantly think about your dentures. A lot of people feel like their dentures are wearing them and not vice versa – that’s simply no way to live. Only four implants per bridge and you could change your life forever.

The Journey Starts Now

You could be looking at the end of the road when it comes to your denture woes. All it takes is that first phone call to Precise Dental Of Houston. We’re ready to see you!

Take control of your dentures today – call 713-812-1712 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!