Ditch the Silver, Go with the Composite

Getting a filling is pretty common practice for patients who see a dentist regularly. As a dentist sees decay beginning to take shape, the dentist removes the decay and fills the leftover cavity with a filling material to stop the decay from going any further. Some people require more fillings than others. When the time comes for a filling, be sure you are getting the best material available by choosing a composite filling instead of amalgam.

Dentists have been using amalgam for years, and while some still offer this option, we no longer do. Amalgam fillings contain metals and mercury, which can be harmful to the body. Amalgam also has a tendency to weaken your tooth. It requires a larger cavity, which means dentist are forced to remove more healthy enamel. Over time, the metal causes the tooth to weaken until it breaks, forcing the patient to need a crown. Composite resin can solve all of these issues, and look better at the same time!

The Composite Difference

Composite resin is bonding material that can fill a cavity and add stability to your tooth at the same time. We can make composite resin any color we would like, which means it will always match your tooth perfectly. Once we’ve removed the decay from your tooth, we simply layer the resin into the cavity, allowing it to dry and bond as we go. Once we are finished, we will buff your tooth leaving you with a perfectly smooth surface that feels so much like your natural tooth that you might forget you have a filling!

Composite resin fillings are the best way for patients to correct decay. We love the way they look and feel, and our patients love that they don’t have to be self-conscious about black holes in their mouths! Contact us today to set up an appointment for an exam and cleaning. Should you need a filling, know that you’ll get the best kind of filling with composite resin!