Dental Technology Improves Care and Results

It seems like every other day, someone is releasing a new technology that will change our lives forever! Technology has entered just about every aspect of our lives, including the dental office!

The great thing about technology in the dental office is that we are able to give you better care and better results due to the advances we have available to us!

Today, we would like to take a look at imaging. As you know, our society has quickly moved from film to digital cameras to using the camera installed on your phone! Very few people still carry a separate camera!

In our office, the movement has been slightly different. We have gone from traditional X-rays and having to use the naked eye to view problems to using digital X-rays and intraoral cameras!

Let’s take a look at how that benefits you!

Digital X-rays
Digital X-rays are a new way to take those really important images of your smile. The process is the same; you will sit back in the chair, wear the lead apron, and bite down while we take pictures, but those pictures go directly into the computer system. They are clearer and easier to read.

The best part is that digital X-rays expose you to only about 10% of the radiation that traditional X-rays would use. That is a HUGE decrease, especially when you think about your exposure over a lifetime!

The benefits to you should be obvious. First and foremost, your lifetime exposure to radiation is drastically lower which lowers your risk of cancer. Who doesn’t love that?

You should also realize that because your X-rays are digital, they will be much easier for you to transfer should you ever move or need a referral to a specialist. Sending a file through email is much easier than picking up your images and carrying them in one of those big brown envelopes!

Intraoral Camera
Another advance in imaging is that of the intraoral camera. We have never really had anything like this before. An intraoral camera looks a lot like a fat marker. We use it to take pictures of your teeth so that we can track your oral health, but also so that we can get a better look at all of your teeth.

Before this, it was difficult for us to get a good look from some angles, but an intraoral camera allows us to not only get a good look but to share that good look with you!

The benefit to you is astounding. For the first time, you are an active participant in your oral health decisions. We can tell you that we see a cavity forming or that your filling is breaking down, but how do you really know what we are seeing?

With an intraoral camera, we can put that image up on a screen and let you look at it yourself! You can see the damage to your teeth and know that a decision needs to be made. It’s a fantastic way for you to become your own advocate!

Better Imaging Means Better Results

Ultimately, these two devices allow us to give you better results. We are able to see things that we weren’t able to see before which means that YOU benefit! YOU get higher quality care. YOU have more confidence that you have the smile of your dreams! It’s fantastic!

Don’t spend any more time waiting for your current dentist to make the move toward technology. If it hasn’t happened yet, it might not ever happen.

Contact us to set up an appointment or consultation. We would love to show you your options for care here at Precise Dental. You’ll love the results!