Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Houston, TX

Looking for an alternative to porcelain veneers? Dental bonding in Houston, Tx  may be the right solution. Bonding is a procedure that involves the application of tooth-colored resin to the front of the tooth. Like veneers, bonding resin covers imperfections like chipped, cracked, discolored, gapped and misshapen teeth. Bonding resin can also be used to change the appearance of a tooth completely.

Bonding needs no preparation or enamel removal, and the procedure is more affordable than getting veneers. However, resin is not as durable and stain-resistant as porcelain. Bonding material also needs to be replaced after some years. Your dentist recommends dental bonding in Houston, TX to cover minor imperfections and sturdier restorations for major damage.

Dental bonding is a very easy and conservative way for us to reshape and change the color of somebody’s smile. It is something that allows us to remove very minimal tooth structure but it does create a dramatic change in the patient’s smile if it’s done correctly. The dental bonding can be something that’s done just to close a space between teeth, it can be done to reshape certain teeth that don’t have a very pleasing symmetry, it can be done when somebody has an accident and perhaps they chip the edge of a tooth, and it just needs a minimal repair. The bonding materials nowadays are very, very advanced, and one of the reasons I say that it’s very exciting for us is because we’ve actually been able to create materials that replicate the translucency of the enamel, and are able to allow us to recreate the anatomy in the tooth. So we get fantastic results when we layer certain materials especially when we do them correctly. That’s the key is that it has to be done correctly and by somebody who really knows what they are doing.

The Procedure

If done correctly, bonding creates healthy, natural-looking results. The procedure won’t make your teeth look fake or artificial—just the opposite. The first step is the consultation. You and Dr. Crouse will discuss your goals, concerns and preferences. At Precise Dental of Houston, we offer a personalized approach to oral health. Dr. Crouse will determine if bonding is the best solution or if other treatments may be better for you.

Little or no preparation is needed before the bonding procedure, and local anesthetic is usually not required. First, the tooth is roughened to make the composite resin better adhere to the tooth’s surface. The resin is then applied, shaped, buffed and hardened with a special light. Finally, the bonding material is further trimmed and adjusted.

The bonding procedure takes about 30 minutes to an hour per tooth. It is painless and usually requires no anesthesia unless a cavity is being filled. If you are anxious, let Dr. Crouse or the staff know and they’ll help you relax.

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