Defending Your Smile With A Good Diet

You’ve probably heard it before: your diet is important to the health of your teeth. That’s completely true – your diet has a lot to do with your oral health and how long your teeth stay healthy, strong, and cavity-free!

At Precise Dental Of Houston we see a lot of patients who want dietary tips and there are a few foods we keep coming back to as great smile boosters. You might already be including some of these in your diet, but if not you should definitely consider increasing your intake!

Good Food #1: Cheese

Dairy of all flavors is good for your teeth but cheese stands out above all the rest. Not only is cheese absolutely delicious, available in a lot of varieties, and complementary to many other foods it’s also great for your teeth!

Cheese is the best dairy choice for several reasons. First off, cheese has a very basic pH. The acids that plaque bacteria produce have – you guessed it – a really acidic pH. Those acids are the things that damage your teeth and by adding a base to your mouth you’re neutralizing them!

Cheese also stimulates saliva production to further eliminate damaging acids and it also contains casein phosphate: a compound that rebuilds enamel just like fluoride! So if you’re in the mood for some dairy just grab a slice of cheese – and it can even be low fat without losing the benefits!

Good Food #2: Dark Green Vegetables

Dark green veggies like spinach, broccoli, and brussel sprouts contain high amounts of fiber. There’s also some not-so-green veggies that have high fiber counts as well, like carrots, beans, and avocado. Fiber is an important part of your oral health because, like cheese, it stimulates saliva production.

Saliva is your mouth’s natural cleansing agent. Acids that build up in your mouth destroy your enamel and lead to tooth decay but saliva gets in the way! More fiber equals more saliva, so you see where we’re going with this:

Eat more vegetables! They’re great for your health, contain a lot of essential nutrients, and stimulate tooth-protecting saliva production!

Good Food #3: Tea

What’s your morning pick-me-up of choice? If it’s coffee you might have seen some of the back-and-forth that goes on over coffee’s effects on oral health. One thing that isn’t up for debate is the other morning drink of choice: tea!

Drinking tea is a great way to protect your teeth as long as you don’t add sugar, that is. Tea contains compounds called catechins which are what really makes it special. Catechins have the ability to inhibit acid production by killing tooth bacteria – an amazing way to protect your teeth! They also prevent bacteria from coming back as fast, and studies have shown that a cup of tea a day can prevent tooth decay, loss, and periodontal disease!

Good Food #4: Tap Water

That’s right – we wouldn’t want to leave out tap water! Water is an essential part of life and an essential part of oral health too! Water helps wash away food particles trapped in your teeth, eliminate acids and bacteria, freshen your breath, and stimulate saliva production by keeping you hydrated.

The reasons we specifically say “tap” is because of the added fluoride in most city water supplies. Fluoride is added in safe levels to help prevent cavities and rebuild tooth enamel that’s lost to your day-to-day eating habits. Besides, bottled water is expensive and you can just grab a glass of Houston’s finest!

Good Eating Isn’t All!

It’s important to eat well to preserve your oral health but it’s also important to take a proactive stance on dental care. Make sure you’re brushing twice a day (for at least two minutes) and also flossing in the evenings. Flossing is an essential part in removing bacteria from the parts of your mouth your brush can’t reach!

It’s also important to see us at our Houston dentist office for regular cleanings and exams. Eating well and taking care of your teeth at home is enough to keep you healthy but regular exams are what keeps your in tip-top condition! By seeing us every six months we can identify and treat problems before they become serious!

To schedule an appointment at Precise Dental Of Houston call us today! You can reach our office at 713-812-1712 and you can also request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!