Dealing with Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, or a sensitive tooth, you probably already know. It makes itself known whenever you eat or drink something that is extra cold, hot, or sweet. The shooting pain you feel is undeniable, and you wonder whether it’s something that you should have checked. You absolutely should! A sensitive tooth or teeth can be a sign or something much more serious.

Possible Causes
Sensitivity occurs when the dentin of the tooth is exposed. Dentin is the part of your tooth that is kept safe under tooth enamel. When the protection of the enamel is disrupted, the dentin is exposed to stimuli like heat or cold, which it carries directly to the nerve of the tooth causing intense pain. Dentin is exposed by cavities, a broken or cracked tooth, an exposed root due to gum disease, etc. It’s difficult to know the cause until we are able to have a look.

Treatments to End the Pain
When treating sensitive teeth, the key is to cover the dentin so that there is no longer any exposure. We do that through a variety of methods that depend entirely on the cause of your sensitivity. A cavity would require a filling, while gum disease might require a surgical gum procedure. The key is to find out the cause first and then go from there.

Having a sensitive tooth or teeth is never fun. It can ruin special moments and special treats simply because of a burst of intense pain. Contact us today if you are experiencing sensitivity. We will figure out the cause of your pain and correct the problem as efficiently as possible. We can’t wait to help you have a healthier, happier smile very soon!