Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening In Houston, TX

Teeth stains, spots or discoloration can ruin the best smile. If you’re unhappy about the color of your teeth, Houston, TX cosmetic dentist Dr. Crouse has the answer to your problems: professional teeth whitening in Houston, TX . Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and commonly performed dental procedures. It is easy, fast and produces results in one appointment. At Precise Dental of Houston, we offer Kor Deep Bleaching and Zoom Whitespeed Whitening for a brighter, whiter, more beautiful smile.

The teeth whitening systems, there are so many out there nowadays, and as a dental office and as a team, my staff is very, very interested themselves personally in having very white smiles. So we research the different systems on a regular basis and we are constantly evolving into new systems that we use. If we find something that works better, we test it on ourselves first.

The way that the teeth whitening works, there are two general types of systems. There’s one that you use at home, and the home system requires that you use custom made trays, and a whitening gel, and it does require a little bit of discipline on the part of the patient because you have to follow instructions and you have to be consistent with the course of the treatment. It’s usually about two weeks. We tend to see very good results with the patients who do follow through, but unfortunately, I can tell you myself I would have a hard time doing a two week process. So I personally like to do the in-office treatment which can be a laser whitening treatment, and that treatment is usually about an hour and a half. Those types of whitening gels are a lot stronger and they give you basically the same result that you would get if you were using it home for two weeks without having to alter the lifestyle for two weeks. The thing with the whitening is that you want to make sure that you are following all the directions if you are doing it at home and you have to avoid staining substances which is probably the reason why you are needing the whitening in the first place. So if you have to avoid coffee, wine and tea for two weeks, that may not be the right system for you. Which is one of the reasons why I like the laser whitening system better.

Professional Whitening vs DIY Whitening

Why whiten your teeth at the dentist when you can do it at home? Several reasons: Professional teeth whitening is not only fast, results are also guaranteed. Because we use professional strength peroxide and special tools, we can whiten your teeth dramatically in one visit.

Unlike DIY whitening that can harm your gums if you use too much peroxide, professional teeth whitening is supervised by Dr. Crouse from beginning to end. Your gums and soft tissues are protected before peroxide is applied to your teeth. Professional whitening at Precise Dental of Houston is also tailored to your needs. You can choose the level of whiteness and the whitening method (in-office or at-home).

Whitening at the Dentist

Your custom whitening treatment starts with a complete mouth evaluation. Dr. Crouse will determine if your teeth and gums are healthy enough to withstand peroxide application. If there is extensive decay or gum disease, these problems must be treated first.

Some types of whitening gels work better on certain tooth colors. Dr. Crouse will help you choose the type and concentration of whitening gel that will produce the desired results. After protecting your teeth and gums, peroxide gel is applied directly to your teeth or applied using a tray delivery system. Sometimes, laser or a special light is used to make the whitening gel work better.

Find out which method of teeth whitening in Houston, TX  works best for your teeth. Call 713-812-1712 now or make an appointment with your dentist in Houston, TX.