Cosmetic Dentistry (You Probably Think This Blog Is About You) [BLOG]

Ever thought about cosmetic dentistry and then stopped yourself immediately?

You might silently scold yourself for even entertaining something so selfish.

After all, it’s all about making your smile look better.

That’s pure vanity, right?


Dr. Crouse and our team at Precise Dental of Houston knows better than that.

Today, we want you to know better than that!

Cosmetic dentistry options in our Houston, TX dental office isn’t an exercise in vanity but a path to a more beautiful smile, more confidence, and a higher quality of life.

You’ve always wanted a more attractive smile, so if you thought this blog was about you, then you’re right!

Cosmetic Dentistry Is NOT Superficial

We won’t bore you with numbers, but trust us when we say that the research pointing to the value of a great-looking smile is out there and it’s real!

More than your weight, your features, your shape, or your style, people put more importance on how their smile looks, as well as how other people’s smiles look!

For that reason alone, you should reject the notion that cosmetic dentistry is a superficial pursuit.

Your smile reflects so much about you, qualities like trustworthiness, competence, confidence, and health.

It’s important that your smile looks as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside!

*It’s Not Vain To Want A Better Smile*

Anything about your appearance that makes you feel self-conscious is a distraction.

It’s a distraction that follows you everywhere you go. From mundane errands to special formal events, you’re going to be preoccupied with whatever it is about yourself that’s making you unhappy.

Your smile is part of your appearance. A big part, in fact.

It’s the first thing people notice! Sure, it’d be fine if you went to a wedding or out to dinner with friends, where all you had to do was stand there and keep your mouth closed!

So it’s just as important to pursue cosmetic dentistry for the sake of your looks as it is for the sake of your confidence and emotional well-being.

You deserve to feel free to be yourself and enjoy the moment, not hide in a corner feeling insecure.

Cosmetic Dentistry Gives You A Better Smile

We’re proud to offer a host of cosmetic treatments, no matter how simple or complex your smile needs are!

Depending on what you want your smile to look like in the end, Dr. Crouse and our team can find the right treatment for you!

*Turn Your Smile Around*

Dental veneers conceal a number of cosmetic flaws and protect your teeth for as many as twenty years or more.

If you want to close gaps, hide cracks, mask stains, or even cover misshapen teeth, veneers are the powerful smile solution for you. It’s transformative and long-lasting!

*Perk Up Your Smile*

Similar in purpose to dental veneers, tooth bonding simply fills in those tiny surface spots that make your teeth look rough or worn. The composite resin covers the problem areas, gives your smile a smooth surface, and brightens your teeth in a simple, affordable way.

*Whiten Your Smile Fast*

Nothing boosts your self-esteem as easily as whitening your smile!

With our teeth whitening system, you can lighten your teeth by several shades for an immediate smile enhancement for your special spring events!

*Replace Old Dental Fillings*

This isn’t even considered cosmetic, but the benefits certainly fall under that umbrella!

Replacing old silver fillings with composite fillings can instantly and easily improve your smile, making it more seamless and attractive.

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It’s not superficial to pursue cosmetic dentistry.

It just means that you want to feel better about yourself and the way you feel about what you see when you look in the mirror.

Having a beautiful smile goes so far beyond surface cosmetic benefits. You deserve to feel as good on the inside as you look on the outside no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

Whether you’re taking in a nice afternoon at the park with a special someone or you’re at an important formal event where you need to look your best, you should feel confident about what you’re presenting to the world!

Start your cosmetic journey now! Call Precise Dental of Houston today at 713-812-1712 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.