Collaborative Dentistry For Your Success!

It can be intimidating to go to the dentist or any other medical professional! You know how you feel and you know you want it to get better, but how do you say “I don’t think that’s going to work for me?” For a lot of people that question isn’t one that they could consider asking their medical professional – after all, don’t they know better?

We do know a lot about the health of your mouth at our Houston dentist office, but we don’t know what it’s like to be you! That’s why we’re dedicated to providing dental care that creates a partnership between you and our team. Collaboration and mutual understanding is the key to great care and great results!

What Does It Mean To Collaborate On Care?

Let’s say you’re seeing us for an Invisalign treatment. If something doesn’t feel right or you aren’t happy with how your treatment is going you can just tell us and we’ll work with you to make it right! The same goes for any of our services! We’re dedicated to making you a part of the decision making team – after all it is your mouth!

Your mouth is yours. It’s unique. It has its own set of problems, its own great smile, and its own needs! To give you the care you need we have to be flexible to respond to you! What works wonderfully for one person might not work right for you at all, and we don’t want you to be forced into ineffective, uncomfortable treatment!

That’s what collaboration means to Precise Dental of Houston: working with you to address your unique needs and make sure that you feel involved in your dental care process!

Getting To Know All About You

Part of providing expert care that’s perfectly tailored to your needs is knowing everything we need to treat you right! When you’re at our office we’ll make you feel comfortable and appreciated because we’ll actually know you, not just treat you like a number!

We’ll take the time to learn all about you and your dental care wants and needs so that when we start planning treatment we’ll make all the right moves. Sometimes we can even see things in your teeth and oral health that lead us to ask questions about your life. We’re not trying to be intrusive – we’re actually gaining an understanding of what may have caused certain problems or conditions. It’s all part of learning all about your oral health!

Concierge Dentistry: We’ll Take Care Of It All!

We practice dentistry that isn’t just all about your individual needs – it’s also all-inclusive enough to be called “concierge dentistry!” We’ll take care of everything you need from the moment you step foot in our front door!

For patients needing referrals we’ll gladly take care of all your needs! You won’t have to call an unfamiliar office and schedule an appointment – we’ll reach out to our trusted network of dental care providers to get you an appointment that works for you when and where you want it!

We’ll also take care of any insurance company billing so you won’t have to worry about contacting them at all! We’ll submit the necessary paperwork and handle any complications that might arise. We’re on your team, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your benefits!

Get Dental Care That’s All About You!

At Precise Dental of Houston we’re here for you! Don’t spend one more day wondering what great collaborative, concierge dental service is like when you can find out by simply calling 713-812-1712! If you want to make it even easier you can simply make an appointment by filling out our online appointment request form! We look forward to seeing you soon!