Can You Identify a Great Dental Office?

Finding the right dental office in Houston can be a chore. There are so many options to choose from, and many of our patients come to us feeling completely frantic! After all, they’ve been searching and searching for a fantastic dental office, but they don’t know how to evaluate the office!

It can be tricky, especially since you are not a dentist! You don’t know if you really need a procedure, and you don’t know if the procedure has been done correctly, and you don’t know if this is someone you should trust to care for your teeth. Here at Precise Dental of Houston, we want to make sure you have the tools to evaluate a dental office.

After all, if you don’t know what to look for, you won’t be able to make a decision, and we are really good at convincing ourselves that something is better than it actually is. You would be surprised at the people who walk through our doors and tell us, “I never knew the dentist’s office could be like this!”

Let’s take a look at five things that will help you determine if you’ve found a great dental office or not!

Evaluate the Office Environment
Do you feel comfortable in the dental office? Is it clean, friendly, and relaxing? Some offices are too clinical, some are not kept clean, and others are just plain ugly! Find a dental office where you can relax when you walk in the door, and you feel comfortable when you are sitting in the patient chair!

Evaluate the Staff’s Attitude
The way the staff feels when they are at work is a huge indicator of the kind of dental office you are a part of. If the staff is continually unhappy, rude on the phone, and not kind to you when you are in the office, then it’s time to move on! If they aren’t happy, there’s a reason, and it’s not one that you want to find out after it’s too late!

Look for Signs of Investment
A great dental office will show signs that the dentist is investing in the patients. You will see up-to-date technology, comfort measures, and improvements when you go in. This dentist will have invested in a comfortable environment. You will see special tools and instruments, like digital X-rays, intraoral cameras, and digital monitors around the office that you give you the opportunity to better experience care. It also shows that the dentist is wanting to maintain a successful practice!

Evaluate How Your Teeth Feel
Of course, your main concern is the health of your teeth. If you’ve been given a crown that doesn’t fit, or your dentist dismisses your pain, or you aren’t seeing the improvements you had hoped to see with no explanation, it’s time to consider someone else. After all, this is YOUR smile, and we want to help you to achieve YOUR goals!

Evaluate How YOU Feel
Maybe the most telling evaluation looks at how you feel when you leave the dental office. A great office is going to leave you feeling empowered, confident, and respected, even when your oral health wasn’t as great as you’d like. Some offices leave you feeling torn-down, silenced, or ashamed, but you don’t have to stay in those offices. You can find help elsewhere, like our office here in Houston.

Let Us Take the Test

We want you to put us to the test! During your next appointment, see how we measure up to your new standards! If you see an area where we are slipping, we WANT you to let us know! After all, we are here for YOU, and we will never dismiss your opinion!

Contact us today to set up your next cleaning or exam. We cannot wait to help you further improve your smile into better health. Let’s get started today!