Can Invisalign Fix My Smile? [BLOG]

Do you ever feel like the chance to have a straight, beautiful smile has passed you by simply because of your age? When you’re an adult with a crooked smile, it can be tough to feel attractive and confident. You feel like since you didn’t have braces when you were a teen, your orthodontic options have run out.

But that’s definitely not the case, and that’s what we’re blogging about today!

At Precise Dental of Houston, we see patients of all ages who want to straighten their teeth without enduring years of treatment with traditional metal braces. Dr. Crouse and our team love being able to offer that.

We’re dedicated to providing you with orthodontic solutions that are the perfect fit for your dental needs, your age, and your lifestyle. That’s why we find Invisalign so beneficial, especially for our adult patients. Today, we’re talking to you about what makes Invisalign such an attractive option for people of all ages who want to fix their smile and feel more confident!

Isn’t Orthodontic Treatment For Teens?

Absolutely not! Many adults assume that just because they didn’t have braces during their teens, a straight smile just isn’t in the stars for them. After all, who wants to attend a college class or walk into a boardroom with a mouth full of metal braces?

But there is a way to fix your smile flaws, like gaps and crooked teeth, that won’t include:

-two or more years of metal brackets and wires!

-making you look like a preteen!

-restrictions on your diet!

-monthly appointments for tightening!

-feeling like people are staring, snickering, or judging you!

-painful, poking wires!

-extra tools or time spent brushing and flossing your teeth!

It makes orthodontics sound pretty good! But it’s only when you choose an option like Invisalign at Precise Dental of Houston!

Why Choose Invisalign?

It’s tough to narrow down all the reasons to choose Invisalign, but we’ll give you just some highlights of why this treatment is ideal for adults!

Invisalign Works Faster!

Instead of spending two or three years wearing traditional braces, Invisalign works at a much faster rate. Specific treatment time is going to vary from patient to patient, but most people can expect Invisalign to straighten their smile in about a year!

Invisalign Is Clear And Comfortable!

Not only is it faster, Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic aligners instead of painful metal brackets and wires for a smooth, comfortable feel. You don’t have to deal with mouth sores, painful pressure from tightening, or the obvious visual distraction that metal braces would be!

People will hardly notice you’re undergoing treatment, and because it’s so comfortable, neither will you! Imagine getting a straighter smile without having to walk into your office with everyone staring at your braces! The clear aligners make it very difficult to notice, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed that you came to the braces party decades late!

Invisalign Is Removable!

You don’t have to modify your eating habits or your lifestyle to get results with Invisalign. You can remove the aligners during mealtime and when you brush and floss your teeth. It makes eating and oral hygiene so much easier and more enjoyable than traditional braces.

Invisalign Can Improve Your Oral Health!

Did you know that crooked, misaligned teeth can actually lead to poor oral health? It’s true! That’s because it can be really difficult to get in the extra nooks and crannies of your mouth to properly clean your teeth when they’re overlapping each other awkwardly. Invisalign can not only give you a prettier smile, but a healthier one that’s easier to keep clean!

Get A Straight Smile Now!

Now that you know there’s an effective alternative to traditional orthodontic treatment, you don’t have to feel like the chance for a straight, beautiful smile has passed you by! Invisalign is an ideal orthodontic solution for adults who don’t want to compromise their image or their lifestyle to correct crooked, gapped teeth.

Haven’t you waited long enough for an attractive, straight smile? Call Precise Dental of Houston at 713-812-1712 or fill out our online form to schedule your Invisalign consultation!