Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment in Houston, TX

Bad breath or halitosis is a potent social life killer. People with bad breath may not notice that they have the condition, until their friends start giving them a wide berth. Many things cause bad breath: medications, certain foods (garlic and onions), tobacco, dry mouth, gum disease, tooth decay, and bits of food that collect on dental appliances like braces. Sometimes, persistent bad breath is caused by underlying conditions like liver problems, diabetes, kidney failure and upper respiratory infections.

We like to talk about breath treatment or what we call a breath analysis basically for our patients. When you come to the dental office routinely, the quality of your breath, whether it’s fresh, whether you’re having problems with it, whether you’re noticing changes in the way that certain foods taste, that all factors into a basic level of health for yourself as a patient. When our patients come in, one of their chief complaints is, I just don’t feel that I have very fresh breath. When we do a general exam on them, we can determine whether those things come from diet, whether they are medication related, whether they are something that can be easily fixed or if there is a more serious underlying dental or health problem.

The breath analysis basically involves talking about what’s going on in their daily life, what their routine is, and what are things that we can very easily start to change so that they can improve the quality of their breath. If there are dental problems associated with it, then we are also gonna note that those are reasons why perhaps their breath may not be that fresh. If they have a tremendous number of cavities, if a patient is coming in complaining of irritation in the gums or those kinds of things, those are also going to contribute to problems with the breath so we are going to address those.

So really, the breath analysis is going to be a very comprehensive exam to see what kind of issues are going on in the patient’s mouth, but at the same time, we are going to talk about some social things that are going on. Are you perhaps drinking a lot of beverages that perhaps may be leaving a residue on your tongue, may be causing things to taste different, may be effecting the quality of your breath. So that’s really what we’re looking at when we’re talking about analyzing a patient’s breath.

Comprehensive Breath Treatment

If you’re suffering from halitosis, Houston, TX dentist Dr. Crouse can help. Dr. Crouse offers comprehensive bad breath management that starts with a complete mouth evaluation. Your dentist will check for cavities, gum disease and other problems. If Dr. Crouse determines that the bad odor is not coming from your mouth, she will help set up an appointment with your general physician.

For halitosis that originates from the mouth, there are several treatment options:

Restorations. Fillings, inlays/onlays, crowns or root canal therapy is used to treat tooth decay. If the tooth is severely damaged and cannot be saved by a root canal, it may need to be extracted.

Gum disease treatment. Professional teeth cleaning and proper oral hygiene treat early-stage gum disease, while advanced gum disease may require root scaling and planing, antibiotics and pocket reduction surgery.

Oral hygiene instruction. You may receive instruction on the proper way to brush and floss (including tongue scraping) and clean appliances like dentures, braces and retainers. Dr. Crouse may also recommend oral hygiene products like electric toothbrushes and antibacterial mouth rinses.

What You Can Do at Home

Make sure that you brush your teeth and clean your tongue after each meal. If you can’t brush, swish your mouth with water to flush away food particles and bacteria. Floss before going to bed, and clean and remove dentures.

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