How We’re Different

Houston Top Dentist 2014

Precise Dental of Houston is committed to serve you. What sets us apart from other practices is our unique approach to patient care. We combine modern technology, advanced training and personalized treatment planning for a concierge experience. Dr. Crouse is one of Houston’s top dentists, and she works with talented, compassionate professionals who love what they do.

I think the biggest thing that our office has to offer that is really something unfortunately that was not so different from other offices or other places of business, is that we communicate with people like they’re people. We know that sometimes you need to spend a little bit more time with a particular person, or with each new patient, to make them understand what is going on with them. We have the ability; the group that I have here, the team that I have here, has very good communication skills. They have the ability to really focus in on that patient, to really understand their body language, understand what’s going on with them, and to know when to back off and when to proceed so that they can actually help them. Because a lot of times when a patient comes in for the first time, they might not be ready to hear everything that you have to say, and that’s okay, but we have to be able to pick up on that.

I think that the biggest thing, like I said, is the communication. That’s a lost art nowadays with technology, texting, email, all this business going on. People have forgotten how to talk to each other. If you can just spend a little time talking to a person face to face, there is so much more that can get done, and there is so much more you can accomplish. And it makes for a better understanding of what the relationship is that we have with our patients and it puts them in a good position as to knowing what they can expect from us.

Modern Technology

From the moment you step into our office, you’ll know that we are unlike any other practice. Our place was designed for your comfort, with glassed-in private operatories, comfortable chairs, a state-of-the-art sterilization center, and monitors in each room. We have advanced dental equipment like low-radiation digital X-rays, intra-oral cameras and laser for whitening treatments. We also have a cutting-edge cavity prevention system that evaluates the pH of a patient’s saliva to determine the patient’s risk for caries.

Concierge Dentistry

Receiving dental care at Precise Dental is like having your own personal dental expert. Dr. Crouse will listen carefully to your goals and create a treatment plan that suits you best. We handle everything from start to finish, and we help arrange appointments with specialists if needed.

Emergency Dentist Appointments

Our emergency service is basically available twenty four hours, seven days a week. What it is, is you have a direct line to one of our office team members. If you have a true dental emergency, you will be able to get ahold of somebody and at some point a decision will be made as to whether we need to bring you into the office or if it’s something that we can call a prescription in for you.

During the week pretty much if you call us and you tell us listen I’m having a problem or I’m in a lot of pain or I need something, we’re gonna tell you, how soon can you get here. That’s going to be our question that we are going to ask you. There are going to be days that are going to be a little bit busier than other days and perhaps when we’re trying to schedule an emergency or fit an emergency in there may be a little bit of wait time but we are very adamant about making sure that we are taking care of our patients the day that they are calling us. Because we know that we want to head off any potential problems and we want our patients to be comfortable.

We have a very easy policy here as far as when you call, that if you need to come in today, you’re coming in today. It doesn’t matter what it is, it could take five seconds and if that’s the case then so be it. We just want to make sure that our patients have access to us and that I think gives a lot of peace of mind to our patients in the sense that they know that they can call us whenever they need.

Experienced Professionals

Dr. Crouse is one of Houston, TX’s top dentists. In addition to dental school and intensive residency, she has received additional training in cosmetic dentistry and smile design from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. Dr. Crouse works with some of the best dental professionals in the land who are not only great at what they do, but also excel in people skills. We make sure that your visit is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Experience world-class dentistry and comfortable, personalized care. Call 713-812-1712 now to make an appointment with Dr. Crouse or schedule a consultation online.