A Veneer Solution for Many Smiles

Looking for the perfect solution for your smile flaws? We have it right here at Precise Dental! We have the ability to give you the Hollywood smile that you’ve been dreaming about. Most of those smiles that you see in movies are not natural. In fact, most at created by veneers, and we can do the same thing for you right here in the office. Veneers solve all sorts of smile flaws!

Hereditary Smile Flaws – Some flaws are with you from day one. Things like gaps, uneven teeth, etc are just the way your smile is. Veneers can fix the asymmetry by covering the flawed teeth and the empty spaces, creating the look you’ve always wanted.

Wear and Tear Flaws – As you age, small bits of damage will happen. Your teeth will become cracked or chipped. Sometimes these injuries require more extensive work, but we can usually take care of the problem with veneers. The bonding material will seal your tooth while the veneer covers the damage!

Severe Discoloration – Even with our advanced whitening capabilities, there are some smiles that are beyond the help of whitening. Some stains are so deep that the only option left is to cover the teeth. Veneers do the job beautifully! Your natural-looking smile is restored!

Veneers solve all sorts of cosmetic problems, and our patients are always happy with the results! Veneers look and feel natural, so no one will ever know you’ve had work done! Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment where we can discuss your veneer options. We would love to see you and your smile very soon!