A Place to Turn When Your Implant Crown is Damaged

Getting a dental implant may have been the best decision you could make for your smile. We hear that a lot from our patients, and we are so pleased to see so many happy implant wearers! The implant is a fantastic restoration placed by a dentist with special training to place implants. However, what happens when something happens to your restoration? Do you have to go back to that implant specialist?

A dental implant is made up of two parts. The first part is the titanium post that is placed in your jawbone. Once the implant has a chance to heal and bond with the bone, you will get a crown placed on top. The crown attaches to the implant creating a secure restoration that will enable you to eat, speak, and smile naturally. The implant is permanent, but the crown itself can be damaged. That’s where we step it.

Implant Restoration

If something has happened to your implant crown, you can come see us at Precise Dental to get it fixed. We have the ability to take impressions and place new crowns should you need it. We see a lot of patients who prefer to see one dentist. It’s comforting to our patients to know that we can repair the restoration above the gumline saving you a special trip to a different dental office.

Dental restorations are an important part of dental health. This is how we ensure that you maintain your ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence. We enjoy being able to care for those restorations and keep your mouth healthy. Contact us today if you have questions about dental implants. We’d love to help you get on the best track to a stellar smile.