A Filling That Looks Great

The most common procedure we do at the dental office is fill cavities. You probably could have made that deduction on your own based on your own experiences with the dental office. A vast majority of Americans have had at least one filling by the time they are 17 years old, which we think qualifies as an epidemic of decay. The unfortunate problem is the material selected to fill these cavities. Most of us are walking around with chunks of shrapnel in our teeth, but there is a better way.

Those pieces in your teeth that look like shrapnel are actually amalgam. Amalgam is a cheap mixture of metals and mercury that make up a strong solution for holes in your teeth. Dentists have been using it for years because it is effective and inexpensive. However, there are some flaws. Amalgam has a tendency to weaken teeth over time, and most of our patients don’t like the idea of putting mercury in their body on purpose. That’s why we turned to composite resin fillings.

The Composite Resin Difference

Fillings using composite resin take a few minutes longer, but the difference is astounding. After we remove the decay from your tooth, we begin to layer the material into the cavity. We select material that matches your tooth perfectly so that the filling blends well with your smile. As we layer the material in, it will dry quickly, creating a strong bond on the inside of your tooth. Rather than weakening over time, the composite resin will actually add strength back into your tooth. After we are finished layering the material in, we will buff your tooth to create a beautiful, natural look.

Don’t settle for amalgam fillings that look bad and aren’t always the best solution. Instead, look into the power behind composite resin fillings. Contact us with your questions, and set up your next cleaning and exam appointment. We hope you don’t need a filling, but if you do, composite resin is the way to go!