A Comfortable Cosmetic Solution

We all have those little things about our smile that we’d rather do away with. We want to look like the stars, or at least look normal. While a flaw might be minor and not noticeable to those around you, it might bother you. If it bothers you, you will see the effects in your unwillingness to smile, your discomfort around strangers, and your attempts to hide your teeth for pictures. We have cosmetic solutions for all levels of flaws, but especially those little ones that annoy you!

You might hear the words cosmetic solutions and be ready to turn and run. Other types of cosmetic work require us to really work with your teeth in order to get the right look. That can be uncomfortable, which is why we offer numbing and other comfort measures. However, with dental bonding, you can have the look of your dreams while resting in complete comfort!

A Comfortable Procedure

Bonding material is a tooth-colored material that is completely pliable and can be shaded to match any smile we see. We use a simple method to roughen your tooth enamel, which gives the bonding a better surface to cling to. We then layer and mold the bonding onto your tooth to correct the flaw that’s been bother you. Bonding can remedy small cracks, chips, uneven teeth, gaps, and misshapen teeth.

If you have a small flaw that is driving you a little crazy, it’s time to let us take care of it! Complicated cosmetic procedures are often not needed because dental bonding allows us to change the look of your smile in no time! Contact us today to set up your next appointment. We’d love to discuss ways to make your dream smile a reality.