A Brief Guide to Cosmetic Solutions

Making the best choice for cosmetic dentistry can be difficult. A lot of things can be “wrong” with your smile, and it’s tough to know what that means for your care! How do you determine the best cosmetic solution?

Maybe you don’t do that one your own. You set up a consultation or appointment here at Precise Dental, and you get the answers you need!

But we understand your wanting to have some idea of what to talk about and ask questions about, so we have come up with a brief guide to help you see how various cosmetic procedures lend themselves to different types of problems.

Let’s take a look at how you can come up with a plan for your smile improvements!

Consider What You Love About Your Smile
Of course you want to improve your smile, otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here reading this! But there are things about your smile that you love. Maybe it’s the color of your teeth, or maybe you have one flaw (like a center gap) that really makes you who you are. We respect that, and we want you to take time to think about the parts of your smile that you love.

This will help you in the next part, but it will also help us. We don’t want to take anything that you love away from your smile, so let us know! We will help you find ways to improve what you want to change without damaging what you love.

Consider What You Want to Change
Now it’s time to think about what really bothers you about your smile. What is it that makes it so difficult to smile freely? It can be difficult to pinpoint, and sometimes smile flaws are intertwined tightly, which means that one flaw is causing others to occur. Let’s take a look at some common complaints.

Color of Teeth
Of course, the most common complaint we get is that patients don’t like the color of their smiles! They want to have a whiter, brighter look. This is a straightforward, simple to achieve smile goal. We will help you find the best whitening option for your teeth and move forward from there!

Shape of Teeth
The shape of your teeth is a little bit more complex. This could mean that your teeth are too short, too long, or that they don’t match! In most of these cases, we will turn to veneers or cosmetic bonding to reshape your teeth and give you the look you are wanting. With a couple of simple procedures, your smile will change drastically!

Alignment of Teeth
Your alignment affects a lot of things. If your teeth are crooked, we will recommend Invisalign to correct the alignment issues. One your teeth are aligned, you might decide that you need another form of cosmetic work, like whitening, which we can provide next!

Many times the length of your teeth is affected by your gums. Your teeth may look short and stubby, but the actual problem is that your gums cover too much of your teeth! This is something that we can easily take care of through gum contouring treatment.

Make A Move
Maybe you are looking at this list and think that none of these things match what you dislike about your smile, or your could be at the opposite end of the spectrum and think that you need all of this work!

The key is to come into the office for a consultation and find out what’s available to you! Talk with us about your smile goals, and let us help you get the smile of your dreams! We can’t wait to get started soon!

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