5 Halitosis-Clearing Tricks

Halitosis (bad breath) occurs for all of us at some point or another, but it is a day to day struggle for others. Halitosis can really disrupt a patient’s confidence in social situations. It’s usually caused by the bacteria that live in your mouth. In order to stop the production of those funky smells, you need to get rid of the bacteria. We’ve put together a list of five things you can start doing today to help rid yourself of halitosis.

Extra Flossing – Bacteria love to hide in the crevasses between your teeth. It’s important to remove that bacteria with floss at least twice a day (or after every meal) to keep your breath fresh.

Tongue Scraping – Another place bacteria love to hide is your tongue. Try scraping your tongue before brushing to remove additional bacteria.

Antibacterial Mouthrinse – Most mouthrinses are cosmetic, meaning they cover the problem without making a difference. Antibacterial or antiseptic mouthrinse will do more for you.

Extra Water Intake – Increase your water intake. Staying hydrated helps you produce more saliva, which helps in the removal of bacteria.

Sugar-Free Gum – When you’re in a situation with bad breath, skip the mints and go for the sugar-free gum. Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth, making the problem worse. Sugar-free gum will freshen your breath and boost saliva production.

For recurring halitosis, try this at-home tips. If you are still struggling with the funk, it’s time to get another opinion. Contact us for an appointment. We specialize in treating halitosis, and we can help you get breath that boosts your confidence. We’ll see you soon!