3 Ways You Can Give Your Children Better Teeth — This Year

As a children’s dental office in Houston, we spend thousands of hours every year treating children with dental issues — or helping prevent serious dental issues. We love meeting with parents and guardians to discuss the best course of action for their child’s treatment.

At Precise Dental of Houston, we put a huge focus on giving your children the best possible care. That starts with our amazing staff. We love working with children, and most of our staff has kids of their own. There is much more to children’s dental care than visiting the dentist once every six months. Today I want to share five ways you can help your children improve their teeth. These options are simple, affordable, and can be easily rendered.

Here’s my list!

1. Lock Out the Cavities. Cavities are sometimes an unfortunate fact of life. More than 90 percent of adults ages 20 to 64 in the United State have cavities. It’s hard to reduce the risk of tooth to zero, but you can block out the harmful bacteria and plaque that cause cavities with one simple treatment: dental sealant. A dental sealant is exactly what it seems; it seals the tooth from harmful substances.

Our dental sealants are placed on the biting surface of the teeth in a matter of minutes. The process is quick, completely painless, and does not require the use of local anesthesia. The dental sealants do not last forever, but they are ideal for children who have issues with dental cavities.

2. Protect Their Pearly Whites With Mouthguards. It’s safe to say the average parent will spend several thousands of dollars on their child’s smile. Things like dental cleaning, tooth extractions, and orthodontics add up over time. We all want our children to have beautiful teeth that will last forever. We can help your child’s smile with preventive and orthodontic measures, but you need to maintain the finished product.

One great way to protect teeth is with a mouthguard. This being Texas, many of us have children, participating in sports. Whether your child is involved in football, basketball, soccer, hockey, or even baseball or softball — a mouthguard can help protect their teeth. Our office creates custom mouthguards that perfectly fit over and protect the teeth. The basic concept of the mouthguard is that it absorbs any impact throughout the mouth instead of having the blow absorbed at one single point. An over-the-counter mouth guard is not as effective as one created just for your mouth.

We will even take the extra step to design the mouthguard just for your child. That means adding their favorite color or sports team logo.

3. Nutritional Counseling With Our Staff.
During your dental visits, we can sit down with your children to discuss what foods are helping and hurting their smile. Maintaining great teeth means more than brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily. You have to watch what you’re eating, too. It’s no secret that kids love candy. The more sugar, the better, right? At our office, we can help show your children how sugary treats can hurt their smile.

We work with patients of all ages on nutritional counseling. It’s important for your dentist to know a little about your diet, and what types of beverages you are consuming. Simple things like drinking enough water can decrease your risk of problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

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